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Ohio Financial Center 

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Ohio Financial Center is a Premier Full Service Fee-Based Financial Planning Firm.  We always work in the best interest of the clients we serve.

Working with OFC is like having a "Personal CFO" for people who desire to improve their financial condition, but lack the time, knowledge, and resources to do it on their own.  

Our clients see value in adding OFC to their team as we provide state of the art systems and a planning process that allows the client to compare alternatives and participate in the decision on which strategy will provide them the most desired outcomes.​

Experience You Can Trust


Our firm is leading the way in financial planning concepts.  With constant changes,  you need someone on your side who explore multiple alternatives and allow you to make informed decisions that will work best for you.

Team Approach 

Today things are changing rapidly! The rules change, taxes change, markets are riddled with volatility.  No longer can one best serve the needs of a client unless they have a team approach and a process to validate all financial decisions.  OFC has assembled a team of qualified professionals and a process to help clients make the right choice.